Sandman Design Brake Release Cable 1971-1976 Impala or Caprice


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This is a replacement brake release cable handle constructed in billet 6061 aluminum for 1971-1976 Caprice and Impalas the DONKS. It is made from a solid piece of aluminum with high polished to compliment your ride. The original is a rubber that deterioates and brakes apart and looks terrible from age and neglect.


1. Cutof Wheel

2. 3/32 allen wrench for set screws


1. remove old handle by cutting slits in it with the cutoff wheel and peel it off

2. you should now see a t shape frame that is inside the handle. use the cutoff wheel to cut the top of the t off.

3. slide handle over and tighten set screws. putting small dimples were the set screw touch will ensure a strong bite of the set screw.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 9 x 2 in