1971-1975 chevy impala or caprice convertible top relay(new)


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Does the convertible top on your 1971-1975 Chevrolet Impala, Caprice, or Caprice Classic stop halfway or is it not working at all? We may have the solution for you, this is a direct replacement convertible top electric drive motor relay made just for your car.  This is a direct replacement relay for your scissor top car, the original relays have been discontinued by GM but we now have available new relays that exceed the specifications of the original.  The original relay was a poor design which could cause the drive motor to burn out, if you top is not working properly it may be a good idea to replace the relay to prevent burning up the expensive drive motor.  This relay will plug right in with no changes to the wiring.  If you are replacing the electric motor you should consider replacing the relay also, if the relay goes bad it can cause the motor to burn out, it is inexpensive insurance to replace it and be sure you are ready to go.  We have the drive motor available in a separate listing as well as in our store.

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