1997-2004 Corvette Engine 4L60E Trans (LS1/LS6 engine) Stand-Alone Harness



These harnesses kits include the main harness and any adapters needed for your application. They are made to work with a cable throttle body (Either OE or converting), 12200411 or 09354896 PCMs, MR Part #997-9200-10 MAF Sensor, and MR Part #997-9101-00 O2 Sensors.

1997-2004 Corvette Engine4L60E Trans(LS1/LS6 engine) 

Use with:

Cable Throttle Body

MAF Sensor – BRP Hot Rods Part #997-9200-10

PCM – 12200411 or 93544896

O2 Sensor – BRP Hot Rods Part #997-9101-00

Transmission Tune – 98-05 13-pin connector