Moroso High Clearance Oil Pan



We developed our MuscleRods high-clearance oil pan to offer the best combination of fit, clearance, oil control and ease of installation. Built to our specs by Moroso, the pan works with strokes up to 4.125″ and retains the OEM oil filter location. The high-clearance pan kit includes the pickup tube, gasket, hardware and our exclusive pickup-tube girdle. The GM LH8 Muscle Car pan can also be used with this conversion, but please be aware the sump will extend below the front crossmember approximately 1 to 1-1/2 inches. For this reason our high-clearance pan is a must for any vehicle that has been lowered.

Built to our specs by Moroso this High Clearance oil pan is an alternative to the LH8 pan.
Recommended for cars and trucks that have been lowered.
Features 3/16″ flange and 16 gauge construction to maintain structural integrity.
Includes pickup tube, gasket, hardware, and pickup tube girdle.
AC oil filter PF46